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Urine Affected Rugs

We handle urine issues on a regular basis. However, it should be stated that there can be some obstacles when it comes to urine in rugs and the higher the quality of the rug, the trickier things become.

It is also important to say that the thicker the pile the more difficult it is to remove odours with shag pile being the hardest rug to remove the odour from and the one we have the least success with. As such, we will not attempt urine odour removal from shag pile rugs at this time. Please note too that glues and especially latex (often used as or in a backing) can bond to urine and become permanent.

There are two parts to the urine issue - 

Stains if applicable 

Urine stains cannot always be removed. This is especially true of urine in natural fibres such as wool and cotton. Urine, although acidic when fresh, quickly dries to a very high pH of around 11.2 as it forms urea crystals. These release ammonia odours and harbour numerous bacteria. In wool this can be detrimental to the fibre often causing permanent chemical burning that cannot be removed. 


Sometimes there are no stains even evident but the odour can be overpowering. The crystals that form around urine bacteria must be broken down before we can effectively kill off the bacteria. Carpet cleaning on it's own will not have much effect on urine. Carpets and rugs need to be soaked in a urine treatment and on some rugs we've had to use several different types of treatment to get a positive result. That means it can take time to beat urine so rugs need to be done at our facilities. 

Cost is based simply on time and material used. After decontamination treatment the rug is cleaned to remove residues. We clean all rug types including  Persian/ Oriental hand woven rugs and household rugs. Our standard cleaning charge  is outlined here.

Our minimum is $150. Most urine affected rugs will cost between $50 and $70 per square metre and will undergo a drenching in antimicrobial and be allowed to sit for a time to allow the antimicrobial to penetrate the urine crystals and break them down. The rug is then bathed, pressure cleaned and extracted which takes a considerable amount of time. Finally it is cleaned and then hung in our drying room with commercial dehumidification and dryers.

The following are issues which may affect the process and will need to be assessed before the service begins:- non-colourfastness, silk fibre, viscose fibre, specialised stain removal requirements, unforeseen special care needs.

We will need to see your rugs to verify if there are special needs. (All rugs undergo testing before cleaning commences). 

We have a minimum charge of $150 and a separate pick up and delivery fee of $80 in inner Auckland areas if required.

SPECIAL NOTE on Shag pile rugs

By nature, shag, especially high density shag can be very difficult to remove all dry particulate soil and dander. Even with the use of large commercial rug beating equipment, some dry soils will be difficult to remove. We will do our utmost but this is the nature of shag pile. 

As part of that nature it can also be difficult to fully remove urine contaminants successfully. 

Naturally, all of this takes time but our intention is to produce the best possible result rather than the best price. Please let us know if we can assist further with your enquiry.