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Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning and treatment of residential and commerical carpets

Doesn’t Hot Water Extraction (HWE/steam cleaning) harm my carpet?

No, like all textiles such as clothes, curtains, towelling and furniture, carpet needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove soiling and contaminants. The Standard that governs this industry AS/NZS 3733 1995 is compiled by our leading authorities and recommends HWE as the only cleaning method that properly restores and washes carpet. This is supported by similar authorities worldwide.

However, we also offer a drier cleaning system called encapsulation should you need to have your carpet back in action quickly.

Will my carpet shrink?

A well fitted carpet will suffer no problems at all. In fact, cleaning often restores carpet to a more snug fit.

Why did my stains come back after the last clean?

Generally it is spots rather than stains that can return. (Stains colour carpet. Spots are on the surface). These spots are usually sticky or oily substances in the carpet that attract soil. If the carpet isn’t correctly cleaned this can occur. With our agitation processes, a spot that returns is an extremely rare occurrence. Should they do so after a Smart clean, remember it is covered by our guarantee.

I have a wool carpet and was told it should not be cleaned. Is that true?

Wool cleans beautifully and responds well to our processes. Because it is a complex fibre it hides soil in its fibres so, when it looks soiled it is actually at soil saturation point. So, NO, it is not true that wool can’t be cleaned. Like all fibres it should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its “healthiest floor covering” status.

Congratulations! Wool is the very best choice for carpeting as it is healthier and actually helps remove contaminants from our environments air.

Will my carpet still be wet after cleaning?

Yes, there will still be some moisture in the carpet. To produce the best results possible, we use a combination of cleaning methods so that the carpet gets the most thorough clean and wash it can get. We have the most powerful truck mounted extraction system available to ensure maximum moisture removal. We use drying fans to rapid dry the carpet.

Will my carpet have residues in it?

The short answer is yes. Like when you launder clothes there is always a residue. A discerning carpet cleaner will use a rinsing agent in the cleaning process that acts a little like a fabric softener or hair conditioner. It will remove cleaning solution residues aid in the overall clean and leave your carpet in a condition that is quite safe and will feel softer and stay clean for longer.

Do we need to use chemicals? Can’t we just use water for cleaning?

Sadly, although water itself is a chemical (H2O) it alone does not clean well as it doesn't penetrate the fibre enough to remove soils. Scientists have developed chemicals called surfactants that, by necessity must penetrate the carpet's fibre to start emulsifying soils allowing them to be washed away.

However, in most carpet cleaning situations we use an enzyme based cleaning solution that use bio-surfactants that conform to 99.99% ultimate biodegradability over 28 days according to OECD test 301 and approved by EPA bodies around the globe.


Cleaning and treatment of Leather and Fabric Upholstery

Can I remove my cushion covers for separate washing and pay less for my clean?

The Short answer is yes. However, there are two possible drawbacks from doing this:

- Cushions covers may shrink and never retain their original fit. (If you choose to do this it is recommended you refit covers to foam inlay while damp and shape to inlay as quickly as possible

- Colour variation – Some laundry detergents may remove a slight amount of colour and end up appearing more faded than the rest of your cleaned suite. (Please also bear in mind that a washing machine does a three dimensional wash that cannot be done on the rest of the suite.)

I have feather down in my cushions. Can this be cleaned?

Yes, although safe in most circumstances suites that can present issues can be protected by inserting plastic wrap around the fill, we can protect unique cushion fill-types from being unnecessarily wet.

Can I use my lounge suite the same day as a clean?

We use aided drying in almost all of our cleaning. Most suites will be dry and ready for use by the family in the evening except in unusual circumstances.

Can I Scotchgard my lounge?

Scotchgard is a brand name that is often used for the numerous fabric protectors on the market. YES, we can offer protection services to offer you peace of mind against spillage and soiling. If you would like fabric protector, please tell us when you are booking your job. We offer a solvent based protector which has superior bonding th the fibre. The fabric must be dry before application so a second appointment is nessecary. 

How often should I clean my fabric lounge?

The answer is completely dependent on usage. A highly used fabric lounge suite should be cleaned at least once per year. This will help prevent permanent discolouration while removing contaminants from the fabric. If you were able to see what builds up in the fabric under a microscope you would probably opt for more frequent cleaning. As our process is more thorough than most it will offer a more pleasing and longer lasting result.

How often should I clean my leather lounge?

Leather used in lounge suites is susceptible to damage caused by a combination of body oils and soils. Surfaces should be wiped down regularly and preferably with a conditioner. Professional cleaning should be done at least once annually but in high frequency use situations more regularly. Nobody can offer a better clean and protection/conditioner treatment than a trained leather technician.

My lounge fabric is very delicate. Will the cleaning process damage it?

Our technicians are trained to know and identify your fabric, starting from: the fibre, the yarn, the weave or knit and construction and all the physical and chemical properties and weaknesses of each of those areas. By knowing these aspects of your fabric we eliminate any possibility of damage to your fabric.

Stain Removal

Stain removal from carpet, upholstery and other surfaces

Can you guarantee my stain will be removed?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee all stain removal. While we have the most comprehensive methods and highly trained technicians, there are many stains that cannot be removed by normal stain removal methods. We can offer the very best and latest methods of stain removal technology to ensure the best outcome.

There are three main contributing factors that will determine successful stain removal.

- The fibre type. (Wool, for example, is absorbent and may be harder to remove stains from, while polypropylene and to some extent polyester can absorb and retain oils making them difficult or impossible to remove.)

- The age of the stain. - The quicker we act the better.

- Stain removing solutions. – Some proprietary brand stain removers along with house-hold remedies can react with the stain substance and set the stain. This is often due to the pH or other property differences between stains and solutions.

Should I act quickly on stains that occur?

Absolutely. Time is definitely a factor.

First response steps:-

+ Remove any excess with vacuuming or towelling.

+ Always blot never rub.

+ Work from the outer edges of the stain towards the centre to avoid spreading the stain.

Can I make the stain worse?

Sadly, yes. If you apply the wrong stain removing agent to the stain you can set the colour in the carpet or fabric. See our spotting guide for assistance or call us for advice and a recommended stain remover that is safe.

What if my stain cannot be removed by conventional methods?

There are some methods of stain removal that go beyond the basic chemistry of stain removal. These might include using oxidising or reducing agents (bleaches), enzyme technology or carpet repairs. Our technician can determine what is the best next step to solve your problem.

· Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee successful stain removal in all circumstances.