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Hard floors may be built tough to endure high volumes of traffic and other knocks and bumps, but anybody with glazed tile floors, vinyl, safety and other synthetic floors will know that they quickly lose their shine and can start to look tired in no time.

Tile, Vinyl and Grout Cleaning

Smart Clean’s experience and knowledge (we provide training to hard floor, carpet and upholstery cleaning industry technicians locally and internationally) and our eco-friendly chemicals, equipment and techniques will get the job done. Ask us for a free quote.

Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Vinyl floor cleaning

Vinyl floors have more depth and textures than they did ten years ago. Smart Clean’s proven vinyl floor cleaning and restoration services deep cleans and rinses to bring your vinyl back to its vivid self.

Tile flooring and other porcelain or ceramic floor cleaning

Mildew, mould, dirt trapped in the pores of the tile and soil impacted grout can make cleaning your tiles a seemingly insurmountable challenge, but Smart Clean has powerful, specialised equipment to get the job done without harsh, toxic chemicals.

Safety and general hard floor cleaning

Hard flooring, (also called floating flooring) comes in a variety of laminates and synthetic materials – as well as textured surfaces – which is why it is important to make sure your hard floor cleaning specialists have the equipment, cleaning solutions and techniques to bring out the best in your floor.

Tough spots and stain removal

Even hard floors suffer stains. Scuff marks from shoes and tyres and soiling from liquid spills are common culprits when it comes to hard floor stains. Smart Clean has the expertise, the equipment and cleaning solutions to get your floors clean and safe again.

Best practice cleaning even on hard floors

With textured hard floors, for example, it’s best to avoid over-wetting and you’ll find they respond best to a cylindrical brush clean. Talk to Smart Clean about a free quote to clean your vinyl, linoleum, tiles, laminates and rubber floors – we take care of all your resilient floor cleaning needs.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Floors are cleaned using environmentally friendly cleaning products, machine agitated (where necessary) and scrubbed with highly pressurised hot water – a process guaranteed to remove ingrained dirt, moulds, lichen, pollutants, bacteria and allergens from your tiles and grouting.

Get Your Floor or Tiles Cleaned

Your home deserves the best – Smart Clean’s qualified industry technicians are so good that they train other carpet cleaners locally and internationally. Our eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, equipment and techniques will get the job done right. Ask us for a free quote.