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To get the best results we use a very detailed process and the most important ingredient is time. This is why we prefer to clean your rug at our facility rather than in your home. Our aim is to treat all of the soils that affect your rug making it as healthy as possible for those who enjoy using it and produce the most pleasing visual result we can.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

We clean all rug types including  Persian/ Oriental hand woven rugs and household rugs. Our standard cleaning charge is $25 per square metre with a minimum of $150 (minimum per rug 1m² or $25). Variations to this can apply if the rug has special requirements which include:-

  • non-colourfastness
  • silk fibre
  • Cellulose (Plant) Fibre - Jute - Coir - Sisal - Especially Bamboo
  • viscose fibre
  • urine  see below
  • specialised stain removal requirements.
  • unforeseen special care needs.
  • Structural differences requiring special treatment.


We remove many stains where others can't. Training and experience have put us amongst the elite when it comes to difficult stains. That said, I should tell you that there are some stains that simply cannot be removed. Stain removal comes down to several factors.

  1. The type of stain
  2. The age of the stain
  3. What fibre the stain is in
  4. What has been tried on the stain already. 

Some of these factors could inhibit successful stain removal. Therefore we can't guarantee complete stain removal in every circumstance however, we will guarantee that our workmanship offers the best results. 

We can only determine stain work when we see the rug. Cost is dependent on time and material required. In some circumstances, cleaning may remove stains that are loose in the fibre. This is often tied into age.

Urine Affected Rugs -  

Urine Stain

Please let us know if your rug has urine contamination. Cleaning alone will not remove urine. This requires specialised treatment to remove and needs to be quoted separately on inspection. 

NB: During high peak periods we cannot undertake urine work.


By nature, shag, especially high density shag can be very difficult to remove all dry particulate soil and dander from. Even with the use of large commercial rug beating equipment, some dry soils will be difficult to remove. We will do our utmost but this is the nature of shag-pile. Overdyed Rugs This has been a popular new trend in rugs and has been taken up by interior designers and home fashion magazines for the look that this process produces. Overdyed rugs have been stripped of their natural colour and a new colour single colour applied and the original pattern showing through. The issue with this is that the agent used to strip the colour also damages the fibre significantly and there are often bare patches in the rug. This, in itself creates weaknesses in the rug that can become apparent at cleaning time. https://cleanfax.com/carpet-ca... I will need to see your rugs to verify if this is the case. (All rugs undergo testing before cleaning commences). Cleaning We employ several different rug cleaning techniques to provide for the many and varied rug types and their needs. Our cleaning process will normally be a washing process of some kind to produce the very best results. For rugs that cannot be cleaned this way, for example non colourfast rugs that would bleed if we cannot lock in the dyes and sometimes viscose and bamboo silk we have drier methods to ensure their safety if required. Dry soil makes up around 79% of soil in rugs and carpet so we will generally vacuum and use an agitation process to remove as much of this as possible before washing begins. (Shag pile rug owners please note that some of these rugs can be very difficult to remove dry soils from. Because each fibre is different, we choose a cleaning solution which stays within the cleaning parameters of the rug's fibre(s) to ensure maximum effectiveness without damage to the fibre. Where possible, we use an agitation process to apply cleaning solutions to treat soil build up of oily soils. Oily soils are generally the most visible. Washing can involve immersion cleaning, Hot Water Extraction HWE and pressure cleaning and often a combination of these. The method(s) chosen will depend on the rug and its cleaning parameters. Washing in all of these forms is known as restorative cleaning. Rinsing/conditioning. Rinsing agents are added to HWE to remove cleaning residues with the added benefit of improving drying times, fibres feel softer and stay clean for longer. Grooming Most rugs need to be groomed to set the pile in an aesthetically pleasing manner and raise the pile so that airflow through the rug is maximised for improved drying. Drying Rapid drying is done in our drying room with the use of powerful dehumidifiers and air movement equipment. Naturally, all of this takes time but our intention is to produce the best possible result rather than the best price. Please let us know if we can assist further or if you would like to make the necessary arrangements to proceed with cleaning your rug.